aboutinsite-head INSITE11

The INSITE11 conference runs for two days and covers four key themes: Sustainable retrofit of buildings, Revitalising Communities, Performance-in-operation and Wellbeing. Recent success stories from both new and existing developments
will be featured that demonstrate creative and business led approaches to refurbishment.

The BRE Innovation Park features a range of world-leading sustainable homes and buildings that demonstrate diverse
and innovative approaches to low impact design and construction. By working in partnership with some of the UK's principal developers, house builders, architects, designers and manufacturers, the park provides an evidence-based body of knowledge about sustainable buildings and communities.

"INSITE11 challenges visitors to Rethink Refurbishment. It will bring people together from across the entire supply chain -
the products, materials and service providers with designers, specifiers, contractors clients and investors - to collectively translate the bigger retrofit challenges into opportunities and ultimately drive market transformation." Deborah Pullen, Director MBEKTN