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Room acoustics is an extremely important issue in healthcare buildings. Most such facilities, particularly hospitals, are noisy places, and this has a significant negative effect on patients, visitors and staff.

Numerous research studies have shown a clear link between acoustic conditions and patient outcomes. Improved acoustics reduces sleep deprivation, reduces the need for pain medication, lowers re-admission rates, shortens hospital stays and improves patient satisfaction. Staff also benefit from lower stress levels (reducing depression, sick leave and burnout), reduced medical errors, reduced likelihood of hearing loss and improved job satisfaction.

Ecophon Acoustic products are ideal for providing these benefits. Compliant with HTMs 60 and 08-01, they are the highest class of sound absorber (Class A) and therefore have the maximum effect on lowering noise levels, reducing reverberation (vital to improving speech intelligibility), reducing noise transmission and improving conversational privacy and confidentiality.

They are made from high-density resin-bonded glass wool, making them strong, light, and easy to transport and install. It also means they are unaffected by moisture, which along with their washable painted surfaces enables easy cleaning.

Made from over 70% recycled glass, they are very environmentally friendly and fully recyclable, fulfil the demands of Nordic Eco-Labelling and are certified by the Indoor Climate Labelling (DIM), meeting its highest requirements.

Additional features include Akutex Surface Technology, which amongst other benefits gives high levels of light reflectance and diffusion, providing high light efficiency with reduced glare.

The product range includes unique systems, such as large format ceiling tiles, 3-D products and integrated lighting systems, as well as wall panels and wall and ceiling baffles. This enables Ecophon to provide attractive and practical acoustic solutions throughout healthcare facilities.

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