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Forbo Flooring Systems enhances the interior environment by offering innovative and beautifully designed flooring that delivers long life and consistent high quality.

At the same time it helps take care of the natural environment through its commitment to sustainable development, responsible raw material procurement and manufacturing processes.

The system solution selected for the Community Healthcare Campus interior combines MRSA resistant Marmoleum with preformed Marmoleum covings to provide a completely impervious & hygienic finish from floor to wall in the Diagnostics area. Whilst Artoleum, which has the same properties as Marmoleum, is used in the Reception area to create a bright and striking entrance.

Already creating better environments in many healthcare buildings up and down the UK, testing carried out by a leading institute has confirmed that harmful bacteria and other micro-organisms such the Norovirus and MRSA superbug cannot survive on Marmoleum® flooring. In addition, Marmoleum is independently recognised by a multitude of international eco labels ranging from the Nature Plus label in Germany to the Nordic Swan label in Scandinavia and offers the transparency of independent, peer-reviewed LCA.

When it comes to flooring Forbo offers a natural, sustainable and practical way to limit the spread of infection in healthcare environments.

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