outdoor-gym-head GYM OUTDOOR

The mission of the organisation is to create a free fitness chain for everyone in the UK. With physical inactivity levels at an average of 78.7% across the UK and obesity top of the agenda, outdoor gyms break down the main barriers to sports participation identified by Sport England – which are cost and accessibility.

The Great Outdoor Gym Company is the first and only outdoor gym company to achieve the European safety standards (EN1176 and EN957). Since the company was established in January 2007, 230 outdoor gym projects have been successfully delivered across the UK, including securing a £1M sponsorship deal with adidas to create outdoor gyms and fitness spaces, designed in the shape of the Olympic 2012 logo. ‘adiZones’ were piloted in the host Olympic boroughs in London and are now being rolled out across the UK. Hundreds more projects are planned for 2011/2012.

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