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Confluence provides a seamless monolithic interface between glass and drywall partitions through pre-cast patented solid plaster components.

Using the patented profiles eliminates the need for complicated and visually intrusive detailing creating the perfect finish. The range has components that allow one to create seamless joints between wall endings and gypsum boards.

Confluence abutments fit wall thicknesses of 75mm and 100mm using 50mm studs and 95mm and 120mm using 70mm studs. Included in the range are also ceiling and skirting details allowing the creation of shadow lines.

Traditional methods of construction can be very time consuming and challenging on site to produce a crisp seamless interface. Using Confluence abutments significantly reduces build times whilst creating a seamless interface.

The product is 100% natural comprising 85% gypsum, 5% water, 5% glass and 5% wooden laths.

Jeanne Grant
01403 390300


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