thebuilding-head THE BUILDING
A change of use refurbishment is never an easy thing to accomplish, as the materials used originally might not be in keeping with the new environment.

The flexibility of the Eurban structure was the key to making the alterations a safe
and pain free operation. The structure was not only able to cope with large structural modifications such as doors and windows, but also smaller alterations for services and aesthetic purposes.

The design process was slightly unorthodox as there is no end user/stakeholder,
with the quality achieved through the experience of the team members and the sponsors involved with the project.

We encouraged the buy-in and expertise of our supply chain, throughout the process.

There were many challenges to taking the Community Healthcare Campus from the concept design to construction and getting the project over the line but we are very pleased with the outcome.

Where parts of the works fell outside the scope of the design consultants, we used our initiative. We also endeavoured to use materials innovatively, for example using copper for a handrail to give a hygienic and infection-controlled environment.

From the outset, waste management was key to managing the construction process, and the aim was zero waste to landfill.

Learning from the BRE, we were able to recycle most welfare waste, from plastic bottles and aluminium cans to paper and cardboard waste.


We looked at reducing the waste produced at every stage of the construction process, with a policy to all sub-contractors that insisted, if you produce it, you remove it! If the contractor is paying for the waste, the waste reduces considerately.

We also applied a reuse policy on site, which substantially reduced the amount of timber that was sent for recycling. The timber reused was items such as architraves, window linings, backing / 1st fix timbers and site signage backing.

Many of the fixtures and fittings were given to the BRE, such as ceiling lights and tiles, carpet tiles and complete door sets.

Donations of the education equipment from the previous use of the building were made to schools – to the delight of the three schools involved – with one a neighbour of the BRE.